Solidly Mediocre

Solidly Mediocre

Solidly Mediocre is a podcast about college, mistakes, and becoming an adult. Hosted by Quinn Rose and a rotating cast of friends, Solidly Mediocre is the best place for a fun conversation about figuring out adulthood. Or, at least, for making yourself feel better by realizing how much worse at life we are than you.

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    35: I Don’t Chase Men, Drinks, or Buses

    A record six guests, including two newcomers to Solidly Mediocre, join Quinn to talk about drinking in college (while enjoying some drinks themselves). Discussion topics include drinking alcohol for the taste, peer pressure, choosing not to drink temporarily or permanently, and drunk EMTs.

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    34: Yelling in Bengali

    Quinn talks to Azraa about growing up in a trilingual household, learning languages as an adult, and language classes in high school versus college.

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    32: Images in Your Brain??

    Nathan Day joins Quinn to bring his unique perspective on British school systems, aphantasia, and asexuality.

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    31: Good Job Otters

    Quinn welcomes her younger sister Riley back to the show to talk about her first couple months of freshman year.

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    30: I Didn't Combust

    Quinn and Jhanelle are both senior sociology majors getting theater minors this year. In this episode they talk about why in the world they're doing that, as well as Jhanelle's on-stage experiences.

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    29: Gettin' Bi

    Quinn is joined by her friend Rachel to talk about bisexuality: what it is, how we choose labels, coming out, and validating yourself and others.

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    28: Like Blue's Clues

    Welcome back to Solidly Mediocre! In this episode, Quinn, Azraa, and Caroline discuss their summers, goals for senior year, and some thoughts about post-graduation.

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    Introducing Corner of the Sky

    Corner of the Sky, a new musical theater podcast, will be published every Friday during June and July.

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    27: Riveting Audio Content

    In the last episode of this season, Quinn is joined by her sister Riley to talk about the end of high school and beginning of college.

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