Solidly Mediocre

Solidly Mediocre

Solidly Mediocre is a podcast about college, mistakes, and becoming an adult. Hosted by Quinn Rose and a rotating cast of friends, Solidly Mediocre is the best place for a fun conversation about figuring out adulthood. Or, at least, for making yourself feel better by realizing how much worse at life we are than you.

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    36: Pura Vida!

    Quinn, Azraa, and Emelia tell stories from their senior spring break in Costa Rica.

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    35: I Don’t Chase Men, Drinks, or Buses

    A record six guests, including two newcomers to Solidly Mediocre, join Quinn to talk about drinking in college (while enjoying some drinks themselves). Discussion topics include drinking alcohol for the taste, peer pressure, choosing not to drink temporarily or permanently, and drunk EMTs.

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    34: Yelling in Bengali

    Quinn talks to Azraa about growing up in a trilingual household, learning languages as an adult, and language classes in high school versus college.

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    32: Images in Your Brain??

    Nathan Day joins Quinn to bring his unique perspective on British school systems, aphantasia, and asexuality.

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    31: Good Job Otters

    Quinn welcomes her younger sister Riley back to the show to talk about her first couple months of freshman year.

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    30: I Didn't Combust

    Quinn and Jhanelle are both senior sociology majors getting theater minors this year. In this episode they talk about why in the world they're doing that, as well as Jhanelle's on-stage experiences.

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    29: Gettin' Bi

    Quinn is joined by her friend Rachel to talk about bisexuality: what it is, how we choose labels, coming out, and validating yourself and others.

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    28: Like Blue's Clues

    Welcome back to Solidly Mediocre! In this episode, Quinn, Azraa, and Caroline discuss their summers, goals for senior year, and some thoughts about post-graduation.

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    Introducing Corner of the Sky

    Corner of the Sky, a new musical theater podcast, will be published every Friday during June and July.

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    27: Riveting Audio Content

    In the last episode of this season, Quinn is joined by her sister Riley to talk about the end of high school and beginning of college.

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    26: Forbes 30 Under 30 Media Luminary

    Quinn is joined by Brian Hamilton to talk about graduation, life as a real person, and how everyone's timeline is different.

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    25: Not Fun Unless You Might Die

    We went to Copenhagen! Quinn, Gillian, and Azraa talk about their spring break trip. Topics include: coffee needs, Taken, the plague, and being whelmed.

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    24: Identity Theft Kind of Thing

    Solidly Mediocre is back with a special episode full of Buzzfeed quizzes and a whole lot of tangents. Featuring Azraa, Emelia, and Andrew.

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    23: Unemployment Is Not One of Them

    Quinn and Caroline talk about traveling: college programs they've taken advantage of, how to get cheap flights, and that time Caroline almost got trapped in Mexico.

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    22: Dirt Is Good For Your Immune System

    Azraa and Emelia join Quinn for their traditional beginning-of-semester episode. Topics include: protests, exercise classes, academic classes, and whether dirt is good for your immune system.

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    21: Countdown to Graduation

    Quinn's little sister Riley joins her to discuss applying for college and finishing up high school.

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    20: Polynesian Ninja Warrior

    Quinn and Rachel talk about Moana, the newest Disney princess who hit number one in the box office and in our hearts.

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    19: Like Christmas

    In the first all-roommate episode of the podcast, Gillian and Azraa join Quinn to discuss their recent attempts to get finance and consulting jobs through the "recruiting" process.

    Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    18: A Police State

    Quinn talks to Azraa and Caroline about their summers abroad in Europe, Oxford's weird rules, and France's amazing food.

    Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    17: Tangent, The Episode

    Azraa and Emelia join Quinn to talk about one of their favorite traditions: Friendsgiving. Stories about food, friends, and keys follow.

    Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    16: Catch Flights Not Feelings

    Quinn is joined by Gillian and Caroline to talk about dating in college. It was going to be thoughtful and reflective, but honestly it's just us telling stories about our dating history. Enjoy.

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    15: Approximately 27 Hours a Day

    What does an inclusive extracurricular activity look like? Quinn is joined by her friend Rachel to talk about their show choir, competition, and dropping stressful things like they’re hot. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    14: Keep Your Mind Wide Open

    Quinn and Gillian talk about politics in college, political correctness, and being Republican. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    13: I Could Totally Fake It

    For some reason, some of Quinn's friends want to go to Medical School. Azraa and Andrew join her to talk about requirements, MCAT studying, and whether or not they're going to survive. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    12: Have You Heard of Area 51?

    It's junior year! The year that people expect us to get our lives together. That may or may not happen. Host Quinn Rose with Emelia and Azraa (who spend a lot of time detailing stories of the summers abroad, which definitely did not make Quinn jealous at all). Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    11: Is this the SAT or ACT?

    Gillian joins Quinn to talk about college admissions, both as a high school student and later as a transfer student. If you're the kind of person who learns from other people's mistakes, this episode is for you. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    10: As Tasteful As Death Can Be

    Kayla joins Quinn to talk about the Hunger Games movies (and books). Why is a series about children fighting to the death so popular? What's the deal with the love triangle? What does the popularity of this series say about us as a society? (Nothing good, probably) Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    9: I Get a Lot of Noise Complaints

    Two girls not affiliated with Greek life talk about Greek life for half an hour. Jordan joins Quinn to compare their schools’ culture around fraternities and sororities and discuss the merits of a Greek system. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    8: So Basically I Was a Mature Adult

    Gillian joins Quinn to talk about the movie "He's Just Not That Into You." Pressing topics include: how to tell/when to care if someone likes you, the eternal grace of Jennifer Aniston, and flip phones. Music by Kevin Macleod.

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    7: You Know Our Parents Listen to This, Right?

    Two sisters ramble about high school and "gently" mock each other about their college decision-making processes. Host Quinn Rose with special guest, her younger sister Riley. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    6: Uh, Those Are Ichthyologists

    Alternate title: "it's like how I'm the only one who can fit under the ice machine." Two college-age women take Finding Nemo too seriously and get too excited about Finding Dory. Wait, scratch that, we are EXACTLY as excited as we should be. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    5: Awesome, Love Her, Girl Power

    Kayla's back! This time, we're talking about social media, books, movies, and music-- all the media that we consume. What are our favorites? What media are we keeping up with in college? (Hint: nothing) Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    4: Is This Not the Real World?

    Quinn and Emelia question their decision-making processes. How do you choose a major? How, in the name of all that is holy, do you choose a career? What is this "real world" everyone's been telling us about? Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    3: Crying Over a Bowl of Raisin Bran

    What's up with friendship in college? Quinn and Gillian discuss making friends, keeping friends, and finding people to cry into breakfast cereal with. The conversation also includes musing over being a transfer student and being comfortable versus competitive with friends. Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    2: Napping Is Another One of My Hobbies

    Quinn and Kayla discuss hobbies in college. Which extracurricular activities count as hobbies? How can you make time for fun when you always have homework? Is napping a hobby? (Yes. Yes it is.) Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.

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    1: 80 Is The Perfect Age

    Welcome to Solidly Mediocre, a podcast about college, mistakes, and learning how to be an adult! On our first episode, Quinn, Azraa, Kayla, and Emelia sit down to discuss the world "adulting." What does it mean? Will we ever properly do it? Intro music by Kevin MacLeod.

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